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by Karina Rodriguez – RTB Marketing Coordinator

Each year, Reasons to Believe produces a plethora of faith-affirming resources—from books to DVDs and beyond—that give people newer insights to the integration of science and faith. Chapters, in turn, use this content to reach those in their communities. But did you know that one of our most significant evangelistic tools is our website? Still, as useful as our website has been over the years, we knew it needed some refining. We’re thrilled to announce that has been completely revamped!

See for yourself what new aspects await you! We enhanced our interface and usability with you in mind. You can now create your own account for a more personal experience. Once your new account is established, purchases, payment information, and giving records will be available from this point forward. You can also use your account to update your information, set up a Monthly Partner recurring gift, or change your giving amount.

Here’s another change—one we know you were really hoping for: better search capabilities! Our website has been revamped to create a simpler and more comprehensive search experience, making it easier for you to explore our blogs, podcasts, webstore, and more.

On our home page, you’ll find stories of real people who gained confidence in their faith through their interactions with RTB. Take time to browse their stories and see what resources helped them on their faith journey. You never know when you’ll run into someone who might benefit from those same resources.

Here are some tips for how your chapter can play a role in the launch of our new website:

  • Take a moment to go through this quick tutorial at your next chapter meeting for those who may need more help navigating our new website.
  • Explore the site with your chapter to review our new offerings.
  • Share with someone you know. Tell a friend, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for being part of RTB’s mission and vision. We hope you enjoy exploring our new website and discovering all-new reasons to believe!