Relativity Reaffirms Creation Doctrine

Relativity Reaffirms Creation Doctrine

Relativity powerfully testifies of divine creation

Though Christians sometimes mistake relativity (a physics term) for relativism (a philosophical term), relativity powerfully testifies of divine creation.1 How? Einstein’s theory of general relativity tells us that space, time, matter and energy all have a finite beginning, a statement uniquely consistent with the biblical doctrine of creation.2 In one sense, to affirm the equations of general relativity is to affirm the Christian’s confidence in the reliability of Scripture and, thus, of its salvation message.

General relativity, already the most exhaustively tested principle in all of physics, has passed yet another test. Eight astronomers from western Europe and America closely studied the dynamics of a neutron star and its companion star.3 The dynamics they observed and recorded perfectly match a key prediction of strong-field general relativity.

If any doubt lingered, depite previously-reported proofs,4, 5 no rational excuse remains for questioning that general relativity really does govern the dynamics of the universe. And, if general relativity is true, the universe began as the biblical creation account—and only that account among all creation stories known to humanity—declares. Through scientific research, God has given us yet another evangelistic tool.

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