Reflections for Christmas

Reflections for Christmas

The Advent season is my favorite time of year in my church’s liturgical calendar. I believe that when Christians celebrate the Incarnation they acknowledge the fact that their lives are hidden with Christ’s life. Moreover, this holiday seems to do more to draw people’s attention to God and the things of God than any other time of year.

I also appreciate that Christmas offers opportunities for families and friends to gather together. As you prepare for your holiday celebrations, I hope these articles and podcasts help you value all the more Christ’s first coming to Earth.

Happy Advent to you and yours!


  • Three Reasons I Love the Christmas Season” — The Advent season brings a time of joyful festivities and reflection to remind us of the value of family and the unity within our culture. Above all else, the season calls us to remember Christ’s first coming to Earth.
  • Thinking about the Incarnation: The Divine Word Became Flesh” — At the heart of Christianity is the doctrine of the Incarnation, a truth-claim celebrated all over the world at Christmas. This paper explains the Incarnation and responds to critical and frequently asked questions about this mysterious yet incredible event.
  • Creation Anticipated the Incarnation” — In this brief article I discuss the idea that by creating mankind in His image, God anticipated the Incarnation of Christ.
  • Biblical Eschatology and the Good News of Christmas” — I explain one of my motivations for writing a book on the end times, namely a desire to point people to the hope Jesus offers us through His life, death, and resurrection.

Straight Thinking

Three Reasons I Love the Advent Season”— My colleague Dave Rogstad and I discuss our personal reasons for taking part in the spirit of the Advent season. My hope is that the values and meaning of the Christmas season will influence our thoughts, faith, and actions throughout the year, not just in December.

I Didn’t Know That!                                                               

No Christmas in the Bible?” — A listener questions the Christian practice of celebrating Christmas in light of pagan influences on the holiday. I argue that there is a biblical basis for upholding this popular festival.

In a special edition of I Didn’t Know That! Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink, and I review a popular explanation for the Christmas star featured in The Star of Bethlehem, as presented by lawyer Rick Larson.