Truth Seekers: Becoming the Solution

Truth Seekers: Becoming the Solution

One day, it hit me that in a few short years, my daughter and her friends will be heading for college where they’ll face serious challenges to their faith. I wondered, what can I do to help transition their childhood faith into adult conviction?

Out of this concern was born the Truth Seekers club—a safe environment at my church where teens can ask their faith questions and investigate answers.

When I approached our youth pastor with the idea, he gave his full support. It turns out he had been praying for someone to come along and fill this ministry gap. I also presented my plans to a group of parents before launching the club.

As the first meeting approached, I started praying God would bring 10 kids to the gathering, which seemed a good number for healthy discussion. But I felt nervous. I told my daughter I was expecting just three kids (the ones whose moms would make them come). What could be less cool than coming to hear a middle-aged mom talk about theology?

The first night, 10 kids showed up. Despite my nervousness, I stood up and told the kids I’d called them together because I love them and plan to stick around to see this group through. Then I invited them to start asking their faith questions. It didn’t take long before we had a lengthy list on the board. In the months since then, the kids have kept coming back, bringing their friends, asking more questions, and seeking more answers. I also created a Facebook group for parents to stay informed about topics the group discussed.

Looking back, I realize the most important moment was when I decided that making a difference in the lives of these teens was more important than my personal insecurity. Instead of hounding the youth pastor from the sidelines, I became the solution for my faith family.

We can all take part in reaching the next generation. If you have a love for apologetics or any training in theology, consider starting a teen apologetics group at your own church. If you’re not ready for that, then start small. Volunteer to speak at the local high school Christian club. Invite some of your children’s friends over for an informal night of dessert and discussion about faith. You’ll never know the impact you can have unless
you reach out.