President’s Laptop- January 2003- Northwest Impact

President’s Laptop- January 2003- Northwest Impact

One of my great joys in serving Christ with RTB is hearing stories—amazing stories—of how God uses our books and tapes in the process of bringing people to faith in him.

One story concerns a man who works in a wrecking yard. His job is to remove all nonmetal components from a vehicle before it gets squashed into a little cube. In the trunk of one vehicle he found a beat-up copy of The Creator and the Cosmos. Something on the cover caught his attention; so instead of throwing the book away, he took it home to read. By God’s grace, the book’s message prompted him to commit his life to Jesus Christ. In the back of the book he saw our Web address, and through our Web site found out about local RTB chapters. He promptly contacted the chapter near him and now is being discipled. He is already close to completing the apologetics training course!

Another account involves a long-time Christian who decided to undertake that same training course. He had been particularly concerned for his son who, although familiar with Bible stories and Christian doctrine, remained skeptical and noncommittal. To the father’s surprise, the son showed interest in the course lectures and asked if he could listen to the tapes. After listening, the son told his dad “My doubts and reservations have been answered.” This son has been set free to worship Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord, and now does so with his father.

We rejoice with the angels in heaven over such news. We also recognize that you may have (or know of) similar stories. RTB’s Pacific Northwest chapter has asked that we collect more of these stories. So, at their suggestion, we’ve set up a phone line (866-782-7234) for just that purpose. You can call that number any time to record your stories. Please make the call (or nudge someone else to do so). These stories bless the entire staff, plus volunteers and financial partners. Hopefully, someday soon we can pass the blessing on to a much wider audience. Thanks for your help with this project.

Sincerely in Christ,
Hugh Ross