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What’s Most Important to Us

At a time when controversies abound and threaten to disrupt unity among Christ’s followers, we at Reasons to Believe want to affirm and clarify our spiritual, moral, and scientific convictions.

Conviction #1: God’s revelation in the words of Scripture and in the world of nature is wholly trustworthy and will always prove consistent when thoroughly understood because God is the Source of both.

Conviction #2: Scripture and nature deserve humble, careful, and prayerful investigation/interpretation. We must look at all available research data, making every effort to mitigate personal, political, and cultural biases.

Conviction #3: We are called by God to present our findings and engage with others—those who agree with our views and those who disagree—in earnest, respectful dialogue that supersedes our desire to argue or persuade.

RTB scholars freely acknowledge that some fellow believers dispute our perspective on issues related to COVID-19 and vaccination. We respect everyone’s right to an opinion and to express that opinion. Nevertheless, we affirm that the relevant articles and blog posts available on our website reflect extensive, painstaking investigation and analysis of research data from a broad range of scholarly sources, including those not widely accessible. We have presented and will continue to present, to the best of our ability, a fair and faithful assessment of all the information currently available.