Chapters Get Creative in Outreach

Chapters Get Creative in Outreach

One of the greatest benefits chapters provide toward fulfillment of RTB’s evangelistic and equipping mission can be called “ministry multiplication.” Local chapters can touch people’s lives in ways our small scholar team and support staff cannot, introducing our message to those who may never hear it any other way. Because each chapter includes creative, passionate believers, these groups continually invent new ways to connect with new audiences.

The Fresno chapter helps illustrate my point. Their entrepreneurial leader, Alan Graas, recognized that the group’s regular meetings, as engaging as they may have been for a handful of adults already deeply interested in Christian apologetics, drew neither young people nor families. He also saw the implications for the future. So he proposed an idea, one that resonates with most people’s favorite school days memories: “Let’s plan field trips!”

In the photo (right/left) you can catch a glimpse of where that idea led. The group organized a geology field trip to view the infamous San Andreas Fault. To the members’ delight, nearly 30 people participated, including many parents and kids who had not previously known about Reasons To Believe. These folks now have access to our website, podcasts, and other resources to help them grow in their faith and reach out to others—plus an ongoing relationship with the chapter. Creativity shone again as the chapter joined in a stargazing session with the San Francisco Astronomy Club. This event also attracted a good turnout and facilitated some lively interaction.

Our San Fernando Valley chapter members also found a creative way to do ongoing ministry in their neighborhood, taking RTB’s message to a popular gathering place, Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. The group sets up a table display of RTB resources, hangs some banners, arranges some chairs, and even sets up a sound system to allow interviews and interaction with passersby. Chapter leader John Davis says each time they go, God gives them “dynamic dialogue with skeptics and seekers, inviting them to consider faith in Jesus Christ.”

As we at RTB headquarters work to multiply the effect of our ministry, it is a blessing to see the fruitful efforts of our chapters throughout the world in reaching their communities with faith-building evidence for belief in Christ.

Article by Kathy Ross. 

To learn more about chapters/networks in your area, go to; or to inquire about starting one, please contact RTB at (800) 482-7836 or [email protected].

RTB scholar Jeff Zweerink will be speaking at Fresno area events, May 26–30. Visit for details.