Back-to-School: Science Apologetics for Students

Back-to-School: Science Apologetics for Students

Summer is coming to an end—Halloween items are popping up in stores, pumpkin spice lattes are on the way, and even the trees show signs of turning foliage. (Of course, the SoCal sunshine seems to have missed the memo—as I write this it’s 10 AM and already in the 90s.) Perhaps the most notable signs of the summer-to-fall change are the droves of kids heading back to school.

Part of RTB’s mission includes equipping believers to navigate the science-faith issues they encounter in their daily lives—especially in school! So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of resources, articles, podcasts, and videos designed to help teachers, parents, and students represent Christ well in science class and beyond.


  • Educator’s Help Desk – This web page is RTB’s one-stop-shop for teachers and parents looking for assistance when addressing science-faith issues that often come up in school. The Educator’s Help Desk includes curriculum reviews, video tutorials, and advice articles.
  • Reasons Academy – This branch of RTB’s online learning program uses our Good Science, Good Faith curriculum to equip teenagers in science apologetics and prepare them for the challenges to their faith they will face on college campuses. (Good Science, Good Faith is also available for purchase by parents and teachers who want to conduct the course in their own homes or classrooms.)
  • Reasons Institute (RI) – For older students and adults interested in earning college credits, training to become an RTB apologist, or just seeking more science-faith understanding, RI offers online courses in such topics as Critical Thinking Skills, Creation vs. Evolution, World Religions and Science, and more.
  • Impact Events student devotional series – Astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink and small-group leader Ken Hultgren use scientific facts about the universe, the solar system, and the Earth to teach students how God’s creation demonstrates His love and care. (More additions to this series are forthcoming!)
  • God’s Awesome Universe (DVD) – Jeff Zweerink (a father of five) presents a pint-sized explanation for the origin and nature of the universe to a group of engaging grade-school kids.



  • Back-to-School Interview” (I Didn’t Know That!) – In this special edition of IDKT, Krista Bontrager sits in for regular host Joe Aguirre and asks RTB scholars to address real questions from parents and educators.


  • Through the Lens – This growing library of ten-minute videos is designed to supplement science education (whether in the classroom or through homeschool). The episodes address a variety of science topics (such as the big bang and fossil record) and include discussion questions and brief lesson plans.

 — Maureen