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Sandra Dimas

“People are often curious about where I work. Sometimes it’s because they see a picture of a group of my coworkers sporting genuine smiles and plates full of delicious food. Sometimes it’s because they wonder what sort of employer would allow their employees to have pink hair. Sometimes it’s because they find an RTB video, podcast, or article shared on social media and wonder how such thoughtful, intelligent content can come from joyful, relatable, sometimes goofy people. From the asker's experience, coworkers can’t genuinely like each other, people with brightly colored hair can’t be taken seriously, and the cerebral are stodgy and dull. But the truth is RTB is a place that cherishes its staff like family, values expression and creativity, and drives science-faith conversations, always with gentleness and respect. Yes, it’s possible to work hard and love what you do. We get to do Kingdom work in a fun and fulfilling environment. What more can you ask for? Doughnuts? We’ve got those too!”

— Sandra Dimas, Editorial Director

Joe Aguirre

“There are lots of places to work or even to have a decent career. If you find a Christian organization that shares your values, the satisfaction level goes higher still. Reasons to Believe exceeds even that. RTB fosters an environment where your skills are realized, your mind is engaged, your coworkers will become dear friends, and your work will be extremely satisfying as you quickly discover how God uses your talents to accomplish his purposes in this world. Join the RTB team and find out why the turnover is so low!”

— Joe Aguirre, Senior Editor

Karina Rodriguez

“Reasons to Believe is truly a Christ-centered workplace that practices what it preaches. Coworkers (who are actually dear friends) treat each other with love and respect and encourage each other to accomplish the mission set before us. One of the many reasons I truly value RTB is that the leadership not only allows but encourages you to use your God-given gifts and talents.”

— Karina Rodriguez, Marketing Director

Bob Stuart

“There are several things I appreciate about working for RTB. First, I appreciate the example that Dr. Hugh Ross presents as someone who is wholeheartedly committed to the inerrancy, infallibility, and consistency of Scripture. He models this in his personal life and in all that he writes and speaks about. Secondly, I appreciate the Rosses’ commitment to prayer. Encouragement of prayer by staff during the work day as well as conducting prayer and fast events at certain times of the year have been a priority since the beginning of the ministry. Finally, I appreciate RTB’s flexibility toward the staff’s work schedules. Being allowed to sometimes work from home, if the position allows, or to reconfigure work hours, has always been a hallmark of the ministry.”

— Bob Stuart, Visiting Scholar Community Manager

Kenneth Samples

“After two decades of working at Reasons to Believe, allow me to offer...

1. RTB prizes virtue: RTB as an organization prizes ethical virtue and moral conduct among its employees. Working in an environment that encourages its workers to pursue moral virtue is both challenging and rewarding. While I am far from a perfect person, I appreciate RTB inspiring me to make personal integrity a part of everything I do.

2. RTB prizes teamwork: RTB asks all of its employees to work together as a team. Thus, deference, cooperation, and sacrifice are viewed as critical skills and qualities. I appreciate this team-oriented work environment because its importance carries over into other areas of life. Families, churches, and nations function optimally when there is an emphasis upon cooperation and unity.

3. RTB prizes growth: All of us want to grow as people and in terms of our work and vocation in life. RTB encourages and gives its employees opportunities to grow as individuals and to develop their careers. This emphasis upon growth has allowed RTB to maintain many of its employees over the long term.”

— Kenneth Samples, Senior Research Scholar

Ken Hultgren

“The employees here at RTB not only work diligently toward the mission of RTB, but also live it in their daily lives. Our distinctive core values are evident in what we say, how we say it, and how we live it. Run into an RTB employee off hours and you’ll see the culture and character of RTB evident in their lives. Our mission is to spread the Christian gospel, and that is being done both corporately as well as personally.”

— Ken Hultgren, Advancement Director

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