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The Cell's Design

Fazale Rana explores developments in biochemistry and the biological sciences that uncover evidence for God’s existence and the reliability of the Bible.

Today's New Reason to Believe

In his blog, Hugh Ross merges his love of science with his desire to bring people to faith in Christ, giving evidence and new reasons from science to believe in the God of the Bible.

Impact Events

Jeff Zweerink writes to show how powerful a tool science is in order to declare God’s glory and help scientists understand how established scientific discoveries demonstrate the legitimacy and rationality of the Christian faith.


Kenneth Samples writes about how the great doctrinal truths of the faith (the Trinity, the incarnation, the atonement, creation ex nihilo, salvation by grace, etc.) are uniquely compatible with reason.


Reasons to Believe’s Scholar Community members share their expertise in a variety of science-faith related topics.