Places of Knowledge

Places of Knowledge

During our latest trip to London, I realized how deeply rooted British culture is in their rich and extensive history. It seemed like every street we turned on held a historical landmark, which was labeled and maintained accordingly. Though it has a considerably shorter history as compared to London, Southern California (where RTB is headquartered) offers a variety of historical landmarks, museums, and art galleries to visit. (The Griffith Observatory and California Science Center serve as just a couple of examples.)

Earlier this year in the post “Are You a Renaissance Christian? 12 Tips for Pursuing Knowledge and Wisdom in Daily Life,” I suggest that seeking out your town’s hidden gems is a simple way to access knowledge for both you and your family and to incorporate learning into your everyday life.

12.  Plan visits to museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, historical landmarks, etc.

Check your city’s website for information on museums and other centers of cultural learning, both in your hometown and the surrounding area. Plan a visit to an important landmark or two the next time you take a vacation.

Visiting sites like these is an excellent way to involve your whole family in the learning experience. Living near the Los Angeles area, personal favorites for my family include the Getty Center and the Museum of Tolerance.

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