August Podcast Roundup: Careful Thinking about the End Times

August Podcast Roundup: Careful Thinking about the End Times

I strive to encourage Christians to think carefully and critically about their faith, not only through Reflections but also through two RTB podcasts. On one podcast, Straight Thinking, I lead my colleagues in discussions of important issues in light of the Christian worldview. On the other, I Didn’t Know That!, RTB scholars offer unscripted answers to listener questions.

This month’s podcast roundup focuses on podcasts that touch on topics featured in my upcoming book, Christian Endgame: Careful Thinking about the End Times.

Straight Thinking

  •  “The One Thing Humans Can’t Live Without” (#234) – Together with my RTB colleagues Dave Rogstad and Joe Aguirre, we discuss the absolute necessity of hope for human life. How does hope, or the lack of it, impact psychological health? How does it impact our outlook on life? And, most importantly, what is the best source of enduring hope?
  • Five-Point Mere Christian Eschatology” (#235) – End times speculation is a perennial topic of interest among believers (and nonbelievers, too) and many Christians disagree over how the biblical predictions for the end of the world will play out. But what I focus on in this podcast is common eschatological ground that all believers share.
  • Eternal Destinies: Heaven and Hell” (#236) – In this episode we (myself and Dave Rogstad) talk about the biblical descriptions of heaven, contemplate what it will be like to live there, and outline the Christian understanding of hell. This is a controversial topic these days, but one that needs to be discussed nonetheless.

I Didn’t Know That!

  • Episode #273 – Is heaven a physical place? A listener’s question getting us (myself, Dave Rogstad, and Jeff Zweerink) pondering the nature of the human soul, the ways in which a soul might reach heaven after death, and what happens to the souls of people who die in the interim between Christ’s ascension and His return (starting at 07:43).