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Since dinosaurs were first given a name ("terrible lizards") in 1841, they have fascinated people. Our testable creation model says God created dinosaurs to roam the Earth roughly 230 million years ago, and many different types of these creatures dominated the landscape. Their time on Earth ended when a 6 mile-wide asteroid impacted Earth 65 million years ago. Some Christians say the Leviathan and Behemoth mentioned in Job refer to dinosaurs, but we disagree. Because humanity arrived on Earth much later, no biblical author would have had contact with dinosaurs. The most popular scientific model claims dinosaurs evolved into birds, but we reject this view also. Instead we argue that both birds and dinosaurs were specially created by God to fill the livable environments available on Earth during their respective eras.

Featured Articles on Dinosaurs

  • What Wiped Out the Dinosaurs? Part 2: The Effects

    March 22, 2010

    What is the concerning effects brought about by the huge asteroid collinding in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and what those effects imply for the creation/evolution debate.

    • Dinosaurs
  • What Wiped Out the Dinosaurs? Part 1: The Cause

    March 14, 2010

    In 1980, Luis Alvarez, winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize in physics, and his geologist son, Walter, touched off a controversy when they suggested they had discovered what killed the dinosaurs.

    • Dinosaurs
  • A Family Breakup Kills the Dinosaurs

    October 18, 2007

    In 1980 Nobel Prize-winning physicist Luis Alvarez and his geologist son Walter Alvarez proposed a provocative theory that suggested that the Earth had been struck by an asteroid in its past to explain the unusual amount of iridium...

    • Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Genome Size Estimates: Lagerstatten of Design

    July 4, 2007

    An exceptional paper published a few months ago in Nature provides the first-ever estimates of genome sizes for dinosaurs (even though there is no DNA left behind in their remains). As a by-product, this work highlights another important function for junk DNA.

    • Dinosaurs

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