RTB at 30: Remembering God’s Faithfulness

RTB at 30: Remembering God’s Faithfulness

Joshua 3–4 tells of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. The Lord instructs Joshua to gather 12 stones from the riverbed. Joshua explains to the people that the stones were “to serve as a sign” of God’s goodness. They were to teach future generations about God’s character, provision, and power—so even in tough times they would know they could count on their Creator.

The theme of remembrance runs throughout Scripture. The psalms repeatedly recall God’s actions in Genesis and Exodus, and Jesus urges His followers to partake in communion as a way to remember His atoning sacrifice. This year as RTB celebrates 30 years of ministry, we want to look back and remember God’s faithfulness. He has taken this ministry from a handful of volunteers working out of a tiny office in the back of the Rosses’ church to a broad grassroots movement with more than 20 books in print, an abundance of web content, annual conferences, and more—all to show that science and reason are friends to faith in Christ.

Steve and Zana Scheele deserve special mention. They were among the first (along with Bob Shank and Bernie and Leila Marston) to help get the ministry off the ground. Steve worked with Hugh and Dave Rogstad on the 501c3 application, and when approval came, more friends stepped forward to assist.

Zana set up the books, Dave and Bob assembled a board, Steve offered his entrepreneurial and management skills, Carol Anderson Fuller designed a logo and the first newsletter, and Henry Hernandez rallied financial supporters. Others handled the mailing list, answered phone calls, duplicated cassette tapes (remember those?), organized a prayer team, and provided childcare.

We’ve got many stories to share this year of friends whom God used to open doors and hearts to RTB’s message of harmony between creation and Scripture. Our prayer for all who read and share these articles is that you would be encouraged in your own journey to remember and reflect on God’s faithfulness.

Maureen Moser