A Life-Changing Conversation

A Life-Changing Conversation

You could say my relationship with Hugh started with a Genesis question: “How do you, a scientist, interpret Genesis 1?”

Hugh was a first-time visitor to the Bible study I attended. Two things about him seemed readily apparent. First, his appearance gave him away as a Caltech research scientist. Second, his comments revealed a profound confidence in the truthfulness of Scripture. So I ventured to approach him with my query.

My reason for asking was deeply personal. Someone very close to me had walked away from a lifelong faith in Christ. “Genesis 1 simply isn’t true, Kathy,” he had said. “Science makes that clear.”

When this heartbreak hit me, my faith had already been shaken by a professor’s ridicule of the Abraham story. I wanted to speak up, but I had no facts to back up my convictions.

These shaking experiences sent me on a quest for answers. I asked myself, how do I know the Bible is true and that my faith is rooted in reality? How can I help anyone raised outside the faith to embrace the truth of the Gospel if I can’t answer these questions myself?

My initial exploration focused on the Bible manuscripts, and I found some excellent resources—a book on the New Testament texts, some articles on the Dead Sea Scrolls as confirmation of Old Testament writings, and Josh McDowell’s presentation of evidence for the Resurrection.

Just one significant shadow dampened my confidence and eagerness to discuss my faith with nonbelievers. I still didn’t know what to think about Genesis. So I dared to ask this newcomer, this science guy.

Hugh had barely begun explaining his perspective when a light turned on in my head. How could I have missed the frame-of-reference shift right there in Genesis 1:2? That one simple, obvious point made all the difference! To say the cloud was lifted is to put it mildly. From that time on, I looked forward to talking about my faith.

Moments like this motivated RTB’s production of a DVD study series on Genesis 1. We want others to discover what a joy it can be to affirm the scientific credibility of Genesis. We want believers to anticipate conversations about the Bible, rather than fear them. And we all want to experience the immense privilege of assisting in someone’s journey to faith in Christ.

I am elated that RTB now offers the Navigating Genesis study series (see enclosed order form). Even during filming, the series impacted our audience of young adults much like my conversation with Hugh impacted me. I want you to see it—and to make good use of it—too!

by Kathy Ross