The Ask RTB App Is Refreshed and Ready

Is the Bible a “flat-Earth” book? Were Adam and Eve real people? Was Noah’s Flood local or global?

Many of us carry science-faith questions in the back of our minds. Oftentimes, it’s a question you’ve always wondered about, but didn’t have access to a qualified, credible person. Do you head to Google, mining for answers, or find a book on the topic? Who has time for that? Reasons to Believe now has an app that addresses hundreds of your most pressing science-faith questions answered by our scholar team.

Don’t worry about the content being too science-heavy or going over your head. The brief, written Q&A answers and assortment of short, engaging videos have been designed for a general Christian audience with no science background. You’ll also find links to other RTB resources to “dig deeper” if you want to explore a topic further.

We launched Ask RTB in 2021 and we’ve recently been able to refine and refresh the app’s content and functionality. RTB President and CEO Fazale Rana says this project has been on the ministry’s drawing board for nearly three years.

“We understand that people search for information via their smartphones, and we’ve received many requests for RTB to provide a platform that answers people’s questions in a convenient, credible, and understandable way,” Rana says. “Because of the generous gift of a donor who shares this vision, we were able to produce the Ask RTB app.”

RTB wants to equip you with readily accessible answers, whether you’re engaging in your own Bible study and research or responding in the moment to a tough question from a friend.

So, go ahead! Bring your questions. Grow your faith. This valuable, digital tool is available for both iOS and Android devices.