RTB Translations Web Page Launching Soon

We brought you our first translations story last May, but there are many new developments to share. Although the initial project was focused on translating RTB books into other languages, our latest efforts have expanded to the web, where we plan to reach a new, global audience.

RTB is now offering a growing collection of videos and articles in Spanish. Content in Farsi, Chinese, German, and other languages is coming soon. You’ll be able to toggle between Spanish, English, and other languages (as the pages are launched) by clicking on the menu at the bottom of our website.

Here’s what you can anticipate soon, coming to this page:

  • Additional social media posts and ads in Spanish have begun
  • Month by month through the fall, other language options will become available:
  • Content in even more languages, including Korean, Russian, Japanese, French, and Portuguese (coming soon)

When you meet native speakers of these languages, you can let them know that RTB has content ready for them to share with family and friends in the US and their home countries.