Reasons to Believe Response to Scientific American Op-Ed

Scientific American recently published an op-ed piece by author Allison Hopper that claims, “Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy.” Due to the fact this piece was published by a respected scientific publication, RTB felt compelled to respond.

The author makes untrue and audacious claims about what Christians think as a whole. However, many readers will not know where her misrepresentations begin and end. While a small minority of self-identified Christians actually may be white supremacists, and though some (wrongly) once sought to justify slavery, Christianity, at its core, is opposed to white supremacy and to any idea that either elevates or diminishes anyone based on race. Christians would do well to be prepared to address the many theological misconceptions that this author puts forth—and that many readers may be inclined to believe. 

As for the author’s scientific assertions, the Bible agrees that humanity originated in or near the north Africa region and, thus, that the first humans had dark skin. Christianity never denies this, nor does it suggest that these facts mean human evolution is true. Reasons to Believe presents a creation message that is well-grounded in widely agreed upon scientific facts.

Stay tuned for several media interviews we have scheduled on this topic with Dr. Fazale Rana, as well as a response by RTB scholars that will address the author’s claims point-by-point using the latest scientific data and findings.