Hugh Ross Responds to Latest Congressional Hearing on UFOs

United States Air Force officer and former intelligence official David Grusch appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Authority on July 26, 2023, to offer testimony on the government’s alleged withholding of evidence of unidentified anamolous phenomena (UAPs or UFOs). He told the congressional committee the US government has been covering up physical alien spacecraft since the 1930s, and that physical evidence included not only large components of the spacecraft but “biologic material” as well.

In a Stars, Cells, and God podcast that will be posted within a week or two, I responded to Grusch’s previous media-recorded claims and cited three reasons why his claims are not credible. Here are two: (1) US government security is not capable of covering up such physical evidence even for a year, let alone nine decades; (2) it is not physically possible for spacecraft or living tissue of that size to traverse interstellar space. Such space travel violates the laws of physics.

In his testimony before Congress, Grusch said the US government recovered physical spacecraft that were capable of violating the laws of physics. Physical spacecraft can’t do that, regardless of conceivable technology. Grusch may have made his statement in response to repeated claims by scientists investigating UFOs that the objects were “interdimensional” phenomena; that is, from a realm beyond the universe.

Our book Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men describes the evidence that a tiny percentage of what people report as UFOs is real, but not physical (known as residual UFOs). The Bible states that angels are not subject to the universe’s laws of physics or space-time dimensions. Thus, they could be the interdimensional phenomena that scientists who are not Christians claim explain residual UFOs.

Ross coauthored Lights In the Sky and Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials. It’s available in Kindle edition on Amazon.