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Design in Earth’s Interior
Design in Earth’s Interior
Studies of the waves generated during earthquakes continue to provide evidence of the amazing design of Earth’s interior. Earthquakes generate waves that propagate through...
Geology & Earth
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Answering FAQs on Vaccine Safety
My previous article titled "Vaccine Safety and Loving Our Neighbors" generated some ardent reader responses. In this follow-up article I would like to acknowledge...
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We Are Living in a Safe Time Window
Negotiating traffic on Southern California freeways is tricky. Not long ago, I witnessed a collision of several cars in my rearview mirror—if I had...
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Synthetic Life and the Image of God
If synthetic biologists succeed in creating synthetic life, does this accomplishment prove the theory of naturalistic evolution—that life arose via undirected random processes? Does...
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Have You Had Your Selenium Today?
A group of Australian scientists have recently proposed that a severe depletion of selenium levels in the world’s oceans might have been a significant...