Whales, Jellies, and Fish–Oh, My!

Whales, Jellies, and Fish–Oh, My!

Ocean life is a wonder to behold, whether on a Discovery Channel show, at an aquarium, or in the ocean itself. My husband and I have developed an interest in marine animal parks and, fortunately, California offers several good ones. On a recent visit to SeaWorld San Diego we got up close to sharks, Galapagos penguins, flamingos, bottle-nose dolphins, sea lions, and the park’s star attractions, killer whales. Feeding and petting the bat rays was my personal favorite.

Visiting aquariums has made me more aware of the need for ocean conservation—but it was RTB’s articles and podcasts that finally helped me truly appreciate the importance of aquatic life and the biblical mandate to be good stewards of the Earth. Here I’d like to share the plethora of RTB resources on ocean creatures. The scholars and others comment on a wide range of topics, from the roles whales and otters play in climate control to the implications fish fossils and hybrid sharks have for the evolution-creation debate and more.





Sea Otters