Top 5 Reasons

Top 5 Reasons

In precisely one week Maureen and I will take the public bus of the skies to San Jose, CA. Our destination: A writers’ conference in Mount Hermon. In preparation for this (or any) trip, I must create what’s known as The List—an inventory of each day’s attire and complementing accessories to pack. (It’s a shameful habit, I know.)

Rather than suffer through my list, you might prefer one from astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink. Here Glimpses before Big Bang Possible

2. The spectacular beauty of the heavens:

Majestic Mountain Grandeur
“Cosmologists Glimpse Biggest Dark Matter Structure Ever”
Hubble Telescope Captures Crashing Galaxies

3. The orderliness of the cosmos:

‘Built-In’ Causality Allows Universe’s Habitability
Multiple General Relativity Tests Affirm Creator
Purpose is Pervasive and Religion Promotes Self-Discipline
Large Lenses Measure Age & Size of Universe

4. The diversity of environments in creation:

Milky Way: Just-Right Explosion Rate
Violent Solar System Birth
54 Potentially Habitable Planets Found

5. The abundant habitability of Earth:

Oxygen Prepares Earth for Advanced Life
Turning Planetary Theory Upside Down: Planets with Retrograde Orbits

As part of the “25 years, 25 Reasons” article series, the next several issues of Reasons newsletter will feature RTB scholars’ five compelling evidences that affirm the Christian faith. (It’s our way of celebrating RTB’s 25th year of ministry.) Next up is Hugh Ross as he shares his top 5 in the May 16 issue of Reasons.

Speaking of top 5’s, here are my top 5 reasons why I love the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference:

  1. The faculty – An eclectic array of esteemed authors, editors, and agents is there to offer critique, advice, and comfort.
  2. The training – Workshops on everything from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, magazine articles, even graphic novels (hooray!) are offered daily.
  3. The conversations – Whether it’s in a workshop or from across the dinner table, the conversations shared among attendees and faculty are fueled by a genuine sense of community.
  4. The inspiration – The unique combination of professional guidance and a passionate focus on faith leaves me wholly inspired.
  5. The food – As if the spiritual food weren’t enough, the tangible food is renowned for its variety, abundance, and overall deliciousness. (Stretchy pants are a good idea.)


Now imagine experiencing all of this while surrounded by towering redwoods (nature’s skyscrapers) and it becomes clear why this conference serves as a refuge for hungry and eager writer folk. That reminds me, I’d better get started on The List.

What about you? Are you an ardent list maker? What would be on your Top 5 list of reasons to believe?



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Fun (Gross) Fact: My first year at Mount Hermon, a conference veteran suggested I be on the lookout for banana slugs. It took a couple of years, but Maureen and I finally spotted one. I almost wish we hadn’t, because those things are gross. See for yourself.