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The “Best Of” Post: So It’s Come to This

“It’s alive! It’s ALIVE!”

That’s what people will likely say when I finally creep out of the 10’ x 15’ foot cave* (my office) I’ve been held up in for the past few weeks. Though, considering how busy the rest of the editors are, it’s unlikely anyone will have noticed my self-imposed ostracism.

Over the past few months our paper-thin-stretched team has pushed three books** through various editorial stages. Before we could even catch our breath, a fourth one (Fuz’s Creating Life in the Lab, due February 2011) landed on our laps—mine, specifically.

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight months since I first worked on the book. Now it’s returned for the final step before going to print: indexing. (Huzzah! We’re in the home stretch!)

While I frantically finish compiling the index I hope you’ll enjoy this “vintage” post, “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” which offers a brief synopsis of Creating Life in the Lab.

See you in a couple of weeks. Til then, Frau Blücher!


*I lovingly refer to my office as a cave, mainly because of this song by Mumford & Sons.

**For those curious, the three books are: Beyond the Cosmos, 3rd edition (now available); The Fingerprint of God, 25th anniversary edition (due early December); and Answers in Job (due Fall 2011), all titles by Hugh Ross.

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