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Chimp Tactical Behavior and New Big Bang Test | Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana

Join Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross as they discuss new discoveries taking place at the frontiers of science that have theological and philosophical implications, including the reality of God’s existence. Chimp Tactical Behavior Researchers from the Tai Chimpanzee Project operating out of the Ivory Coast recently reported that chimpanzees make use of high ground to gain tactical information about rival groups. This is the first time that this human-like behavior has been observed in other animals. According to these researchers this behavior requires advanced cognitive skills and provides insight into humanity’s evolutionary origins. What do these observations say about human uniqueness and human exceptionalism? Do human beings only differ in degree, not kind, from the Great Apes? In this episode, biochemist Fuz Rana discusses this impressive study and engages these challenging questions. New Big Bang Test Astronomers used the SIBELIUS DARK computer simulation to test the predictions of the standard LCDM big bang creation model and standard galaxy formation theory. Based on these predictions, SIBELIUS DARK successfully reproduced the spatial distributions of galaxies in the Laniakea supergalaxy cluster. It agreed with the observed excess of giant elliptical galaxies along the supergalactic plane. The simulation also revealed—contrary to previous studies—new confirmation that large disk and elliptical galaxy formation fits key predictions of the LCDM big bang model. Links & Resources PLAYLIST –  Stars, Cells, and God Sylvain R. T. Lemoine et al., “Chimpanzees Make Tactical Use of High Elevation in Territorial Contexts,” Till Sawala et al., “Distinct Distributions of Elliptical and Disk Galaxies across the Local Supercluster as a LCDM Prediction,” Additional Resource Fazale Rana, “Should Chimpanzee Behavior Challenge Human Exceptionalism?,”