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Our Remarkable Moon

By Hugh Ross - June 4, 2012

We had a rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse on Sunday, May 20. Of course, looking directly into the Sun is never a good idea. So, using my telescope’s finder scope, Kathy and I projected the eclipse’s shadow onto a piece of paper in our driveway. The image was so precise we could see sunspots as the Moon passed over the Sun. Even better, the event gave us an opportunity to interact with our neighbors—the kids in particular enjoyed the impromptu science lesson.

Earth’s nearest neighbor—the Moon—is worth getting to know, too. Between NASA’s Apollo missions and other research efforts we’ve learned so much about how the Moon came to be and why it’s unique, as moons go. Without this special celestial companion, Earth would be a sterile ghost town rather than a thriving home. We at RTB attribute the Moon’s fine-tuned features to the work and care of a Creator who had us and our neighbors in mind when He designed the solar system.



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