Taking the Interchange Off-ramp

Taking the Interchange Off-ramp

The Interchange has served as the chapter newsletter for over 6 years. From covering RTB news, special messages from Hugh and Kathy Ross, and strategies from fellow chapter leaders, we have provided a truckload of content. But as culture and technology change, we feel it is time to take the off-ramp and head in a new direction for chapter communications.

For news and updates, I will continue to send emails to the chapter presidents. When relevant and necessary, please share the content of those emails with your chapter members. We will also be sharing chapter program updates in our annual video conference, Chapter Connection Point. Don’t worry, Connection Point will be shorter in the future and will present less information.

The most exciting communication tool we are currently testing is called Stride. This is a communication application that allows teams to stay connected and organizes conversations by topics. The website and mobile apps both seem to work well and we hope they will give all the chapters the opportunity to connect with one another and easily find solutions to obstacles they face. After testing this resource for a couple months, we believe we are ready to roll this out to all the chapters.

Stride was introduced to me by Bob Umbreit of the RTB Jacksonville, FL Chapter. He is passionate about getting RTB chapters more connected and networking with each other on a regular basis. Bob has taken the time to set up an RTB chapter group and conversation rooms by topic. These topics include strategies, chapter finances, leadership development, hosting events, and several more. And we can always start new conversation topics when needed. I am encouraging every chapter to choose at least one person on Stride to stay connected with us, but multiple people can participate. If you would like to take that step and join the conversation, please contact Bob Umbreit to be added.

As for The Interchange, this will be our last issue. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, supported, shared, and read this newsletter. I am proud of what we have accomplished with it and look forward to keeping you updated in new ways.