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YouTube: A Potential Chapter Resource

By Hugh Ross - April 16, 2018

Let me share with you a recent message from Timothy, a new friend of the ministry. His words echo an increasing number of comments that have come to RTB in the past few months:

I had carried around the weight of what seemed to be irreconcilable differences between science and theology most of my life. I thought that if both disciplines were in the pursuit of truth, their paths ought to converge eventually, but it wasn’t until about six months ago that I came across some of Dr. Ross’s teachings on YouTube. Since then RTB’s materials have transformed my perspective on science-faith issues and helped me not only in my personal walk but also in my ability to reach others who have also struggled with similar issues. Your ministry has been a great blessing in my life and ignited a fire within me that had previously gone dim. I hope God will continue to bless and help grow your ministry to reach all of those out there who are seeking.

Perhaps you’ve already considered this option, but in case you haven’t, I invite you to consider the possibility of using RTB’s YouTube videos for outreach and equipping with your chapter. I realize that many of you are trying to manage work, family, church, and rest amid your volunteer activities, including RTB chapter ministry. Bryan and the rest of us here at the home office appreciate the challenges of the balancing act you deal with, especially if you’re working with a smaller group with only a few fellow leaders. We’re always on the lookout for ways to ease your load by providing easy-to-access content that carries solid spiritual impact.

To be honest, I’m probably one of the few people you know who spends very little time on YouTube. That’s probably why the number of testimonies similar to Timothy’s has taken me by surprise. However, I thought you might be encouraged by such stories and able to figure out some creative ways to take advantage of this content—interviews, conference talks, the 28:19 vodcast, and the like—for your chapter. You can access RTB’s channel here.

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