Preparing for RTB Chapter Connection Point

Preparing for RTB Chapter Connection Point

by Bryan Rohrenbacher

For the first time, Reasons to Believe will utilize YouTube’s live stream capability for a special chapter event we are calling RTB Chapter Connection Point. This will be broadcasted on Saturday, January 20 from 9 to 11:30 AM (PT). The program will include introductions to several departments at RTB, a special presentation by Kathy Ross, and a Q&A session. The goal is to get your chapter more connected and show you the role chapters play in our ministry.

I would like your chapters to meet and experience this event as a community, so plan on hosting this event like you would a normal chapter meeting. The link for the stream will be sent out two weeks prior to the event and again the day before. While we are taking care of the content, there is still going to be some work needed on your side. Here are a few steps to help you prepare for RTB Chapter Connection Point.

  1. Location: The first step is securing a meeting location with a good internet connection. You will also want to make sure your room has a large TV or projector. I know this is not the normal meeting time for many chapters, so you might need to find a different location for this event. Start looking into this ASAP!
  2. Promotion: It might be early, and most of us are still trying to figure out our holiday plans, but start talking about this event with your chapter. Announce it at chapter meetings, bring it up during the fellowship time, send emails, and post it on social media. We want to make sure everyone knows about RTB Chapter Connection Point, so talk about it every chance you get.
  3. Food: One of my high school teachers once told us, “You can’t throw a good party without food.” I encourage you to heed this advice and plan on feeding your chapter. For many of you, this event will go through lunchtime and I don’t want anyone passing out from hunger. You can use your chapter’s stipend, and we are giving each chapter some extra funds to help cover the cost of food for this event. You can also have members chip in to cater lunch or consider hosting a potluck. To find out how much your chapter has in its stipend account, please email me at [email protected].

I would like to have every chapter watch the program live, but I understand it may not fit in everyone’s schedule. So, we will be recording the event and releasing the video at a later date. There is no need to register, but please contact me if you plan to participate in the live stream and keep track of your chapter’s attendance as best you can. We hope you all enjoy RTB Chapter Connection Point, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.