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The Lab 2017: Two Exciting Developments

Are you a student between 16 and 22 years old, thinking about pursuing a science-related career? Do you know someone who is? Reasons to Believe developed The Lab to help equip these students for fruitful scientific careers as Christians. A few dozen students and parents have participated over the last two years, and many have appreciated how The Lab solidified their conviction that science is an ally, not an enemy, of the Christian faith. It has also encouraged them to boldly follow a scientific path, knowing that God actually calls people into that profession!

Partnering with Impact 360

The Lab focuses specifically on scientific professions, but other ministries offer complementary programs to equip students as they enter the workforce. RTB is excited to announce that we are partnering with one of those ministries, Impact 360, to provide a more integrated set of tools to prepare future leaders. The Lab focuses on raising up Christian leaders particularly in the scientific community. Impact 360 provides broader worldview training to develop Christian leaders across professions. I encourage you to look at the Gap Yeartwo-week Immersion, and conference programs offered by Impact 360 and see how the students you know could get better equipped.

Two Locations and Times

Our partnership with Impact 360 also allows us to offer not just one but two opportunities to participate in The Lab in 2017! RTB scientists and staff will deliver the teaching and programming for both sessions. The first session will take place on the Impact 360 campus in beautiful Pine Mountain, Georgia, June 8–10. The second session will occur in the middle of winter, January 3–5, at the RTB headquarters in sunny Southern California.

Along with providing options to suit your travel and time constraints, both locations offer great weather, impressive scenery, and numerous attractions (for a bit of vacation before or after).

Make Plans to Attend Now

You won’t want to miss out on these opportunities. Students and parents who attend get to interact with top-notch scientists and meet new friends, all while learning faith-strengthening material.

Sign up today at Come be a part of what we are doing at The Lab!