Chapter Connection Point in Ottawa

Chapter Connection Point in Ottawa

By Martin Kronberg – Ottawa Chapter, ON Chapter

Ice and snow could not stop the RTB Ottawa chapter from enjoying the warmth of fellowship during the very first Connection Point! In Canada’s capital city, our small but enthusiastic chapter meets regularly in a suburban living room. On the Saturday of Connection Point, it was no different, but this time we gathered around the TV and waited for a signal from California—not knowing exactly what to expect. What followed was a fun and encouraging afternoon!

Our group appreciated both main speakers. First Ken Keathley gave insights into Genesis. He helped us understand this pivotal book’s cultural context as well as nuances of interpreting it. Skeptics often claim that Genesis is “just another creation myth.” So, this presentation was helpful in learning how to respond to that challenge. Then Kathy Ross shared her personal story of the early days of RTB, including funny and miraculous stories that emerged along the ministry’s journey. It was both encouraging and heartwarming.

We also appreciated the introductions to many of the people who work behind the scenes at RTB. Much of our group was unaware of the number of people and departments comprising RTB. It shows just how much the organization has grown! For some of us, it was also the first time to put faces to names, including people we’ve exchanged emails with for years, but never met.

On a technical note, even though we are over 2,000 miles away from Southern California, the video and audio were crystal clear. The presenters could have been next door, and we were dazzled by the high-quality videos.

We found Connection Point a unifying way of meeting, not only with headquarters, but also with all the other chapters together. This format seems like a great model for teaching and communicating, and we hope this event will be the first of many more to come. (Bryan, what have you gotten yourself into?)

God bless and greetings from Ottawa!