Set Sail with Reasons To Believe!

Set Sail with Reasons To Believe!

For Reasons To Believe, 2011 is an especially exciting year as we thank God for 25 years of ministry. As part of the celebration of God’s goodness, we’ll be setting sail for another adventure-filled Alaska cruise conference aboard Holland America’s ms Zuiderdam.

Our inaugural cruise conference in 2009 was a transformational experience for everyone involved. For me, the greatest encouragement came from interaction with our conference guests from across North America. It was both humbling and exhilarating to share in their enthusiasm for RTB and especially to hear testimonies of how their lives and outreach have been drastically changed by RTB’s message.

A favorite moment was standing on deck with a cup of hot chocolate and friends I felt I’d known for a long time, as the ship glided past steep cliffs, blue icebergs, and abundant wildlife. Connecting what we were learning about God’s creation in our conference sessions with the breathtaking beauty around us refreshed our souls, integrating heart, mind, and community.

If you’d enjoy personal interaction with the RTB scholars and staff, the Alaska cruise conference is an exceptional chance to do so—over breakfast, during engaging Q&A sessions, personal book signings, and casual talk on the deck. You might even catch the speakers and staff headed to an 11 PM buffet run in bathrobes! Not only do our scholars know how to integrate science and faith, but they know how to have fun doing it. The cruise affords the opportunity to witness nature’s testimony of God’s work, but you might hear some fish stories, too.

Our 2011 voyage will again take us through Alaska’s gorgeous Inside Passage. Whether snapping whale photos, flying over glaciers, or adventuring out in a kayak, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It will also take us on a journey of the mind and spirit as the RTB scholars lead conference sessions dedicated to preparing us for spiritual challenges looming on the cultural horizon. This cruise promises an exciting opportunity to look ahead and prepare ourselves for effective outreach to people around us in the days ahead.

Some of you have been a part of this ministry for a long time, and others we are just now getting to know. I encourage each of you to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. RTB’s Alaska cruise conference is much more than a vacation; it is holds the potential to be a life-enhancing experience you can carry with you back to your home, your church, your work place, and wherever you go.

Go to to book your trip today! This year, RTB is setting up some special event opportunities with RTB staff for the first 50 guests to register.