Lightbulb Moments at The Lab 2016

Lightbulb Moments at The Lab 2016

Thanks for supporting another great gathering of The Lab! Students came from across the country July 14–16 to learn how to connect science with their Christian faith. As they processed the material, we could see many “lightbulb moments.” One student, Samantha, said that after years of having her faith questioned by agnostic classmates, The Lab helped reduce “the Goliath of naturalism” to an approachable concept. “I can’t describe the relief I have,” she said.

Most notably we could see the students gain confidence as they began to understand that, when properly interpreted, nature and the Bible accord with one another. Parents in attendance noted how much The Lab challenged and benefited their sons and daughters. One mom, Caroline, said “Just in these few short days, she [her daughter] has been taught more about critical thinking, evaluating scientific studies, and evaluating conclusions than she has in any classes she’s ever taken.”

Several students conveyed that what they learned at The Lab helped them not only to freely embrace science, which had once felt antagonistic to their faith, but also to delight in God’s creation. Imagine what God will do in and through these bright young people as they begin their journey through academia as embedded missionaries!

Katie Galloway helped launch the first Lab in 2015 and has served as a mentor in the program every year since.

[The Lab] radically changed both my interest in science as well as my confidence in the strength of Christianity.
—Zane Preudhomme

I have two children who were able to attend [The Lab] and they both benefited in so many ways. . . . I know that The Lab changed and challenged them both.
—Kristee Preudhomme

The Lab has blessed me immensely. . . . I have been overwhelmingly inspired by the scholar team and their lectures, as well as touched by God’s apparent love and concern for my future.
—Audrey Lajoie