Don’t Forget to Pack Some SPF and RTB!

Don’t Forget to Pack Some SPF and RTB!

With summer in full swing, many are looking for traveling tips as they venture out to exciting destinations.

A familiar adage is to take half the stuff and twice the money. But what if you could get twice the stuff for free? It’s possible with RTB’s new technological tools.

The latest addition to our slew of new formats for the tech-savvy is the RTB mobile app. This app delivers your favorite RTB podcasts, blogs, and Today’s New Reason to Believe straight to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. With just a few taps on the touchscreen, you can listen to the latest Science News Flash, check out topics on RTB 101, even make a donation so RTB can continue to offer content-rich apologetics materials through a variety of means.

Another way to plug in to ministry news is through Facebook and Twitter (just search @RTB_Official). Following or “liking” RTB_Official will give you access to the latest articles, updates, and interviews—even exclusive giveaway opportunities. These social media networks also allow you to stay connected with the ministry, get connected with friends of the ministry, and create new connections for the ministry.

You can also remain in the know with RTB happenings by subscribing to our science blog (Today’s New Reason to Believe), quarterly e-zine (New Reasons to Believe), and our information-packed e-news. Visit to start receiving these valuable resources in your inbox. Or, visit to subscribe to Kenneth Samples’ philosophy blog, Reflections, and lay-friendly blogs Average Joe’s Corner, by editor Joe Aguirre, and Take Two, by editors Maureen Moser and yours truly.

These convenient channels help us broaden our reach so we’re better able to engage and equip those within our sphere of influence. What’s even more exciting for us here at RTB, and hopefully for you too, is that these new modes of communication make passing along our resources to family and friends fast, easy, and convenient.

Just as we might like to share vacation pictures, we are eager to present new scientific reasons for faith in the God of the Bible. We invite you to come alongside us in that endeavor.

Sandra Dimas