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AMP Fuels a Faith Journey

Erick Thompson’s 12-year-old son, EJ, faced a difficult decision. Would he fly with his dad to this year’s AMP Conference as planned, or would he stay home in Minnesota to play in his team’s basketball tournament?

“Do you still want to come [to AMP]?” Erick asked, and EJ answered, “Absolutely.”

Near the end of the conference, EJ and his dad rattled off a list of some of the things they’d learned—everything from God’s plan for viruses and the decaying universe to extrabiblical evidence for the resurrection. Missing the tournament was worth it to EJ.

“I can use the evidence to try to help my friends grow in their faith,” he said.

For 19-year-old Andrew Cook, AMP provided motivation to pursue answers to spiritual questions he has been wrestling with for years.

“[AMP] kickstarted my year; it kickstarted everything,” Andrew said.

Last year’s AMP prompted Andrew to take a semester off from college to study apologetics in Colorado, where he learned from renowned teachers, including AMP speaker Sean McDowell. He returned to AMP this year for more inspiration.

“I’m trying to figure out what it is that I believe and why,” he said. “AMP was the perfect place to start. I don’t think any other conference would have sent me on this journey.”

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