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RTB Reviews of Books, DVDs, and TV Shows

On occasion (such as this past Monday), RTB reviews various books and DVDs that have an apologetics flavor. These materials range from books promoting atheistic or young-earth creationist worldviews to textbooks to TV shows about the Bible. Our intent in these reviews is to inform you regarding the product’s content and assess the usefulness of the material.

Old-Earth Creationism on Trial”: I review the book Old-Earth Creationism on Trial by Tim Chaffey (founder and director of Midwest Apologetics) and Jason Lisle (then Answers in Genesis-USA’s newest speaker and researcher and now director of research at the Institute for Creation Research). The book attempts to demonstrate old-earth creationism’s (OEC) lack of biblical and scientific support, but falters in its portrayal of OEC in many cases.

Defending Concordism: Response to The Lost World of Genesis One”: Hugh Ross reviews The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton and clarifies RTB’s concordist position.

A Universe from Nothing? A Critique of Lawrence Krauss’ Book”: Hugh offers a two-part critique of astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss’ book A Universe from Nothing. As Hugh points out, the different “nothings” Krauss appeals to for his explanations for the universe are really “some things” that demand the existence and involvement of the biblical God. (See part 1 and part 2.)

Nothing—Actually ‘Something’—to Ponder from Lawrence Krauss”: RTB’s editorial director Joe Aguirre offers a layman’s reflections on the Skeptic Society’s interview with Krauss about his book.

A Review of Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values”: Guest writer Richard Deem presents a three-part investigation of the claims atheist Sam Harris makes for naturalism’s ability to provide a foundation for morality. (See part 1part 2, and part 3.)

Explore Evolution: A High School Textbook Review”: Theologian, homeschool mom, and RTB’s dean of online learning Krista Bontrager comments on Stephen C. Meyer’s textbook, Explore Evolution. Though it is a secular work Krista finds that it, nevertheless, is a “much needed contribution to science education.”

A Review of HISTORY’S The Bible”: In viewing HISTORY’s recent adaptation of major events in Scripture, Krista is pleasantly surprised to find the series a “refreshing change” from this channel’s usual sensational treatment of biblical content.

A Review of Engaging Unbelief by Curtis Chang”: Kenneth Samples reviews Chang’s appeal to the theology of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas to answer today’s most challenging apologetics issues.

Three Delightful Books on Pascal”: Kenneth reviews and recommends three books that demonstrate the enduring relevance of the work and thoughts of Blaise Pascal, pioneering scientist and ardent follower of Christ.

RTB Scholars Expound on EXPELLED, the Movie”: As with Evolution vs. God, RTB provides a cautious review of Ben Stein’s EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed.

Monkeys and Mixed Tapes”: RTB’s assistant editorial director Sandra Dimas weighs in on the book Evolving in Monkey Town, Rachel Held Evans’ memoirs of her journey from young-earth creationism to theistic evolution.