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More Evidence for Constant Laws of Physics

By Hugh Ross - October 28, 2006

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Studies of the temperatures of neutron stars provide more evidence that the laws of physics are constant, as predicted by the Bible (see Jeremiah 33:25, for example). Due to their enormous gravitational fields, neutron stars serve as sensitive probes for any time variation of the gravitational force constant (G). Any change in G alters the internal equilibrium of the neutron star, resulting in a specific change in surface temperature. Using ultraviolet observations of a nearby pulsar (a rapidly rotating neutron star), a team of astronomers calculated the surface temperature and constrained the change in G to be less than 0.5% over the history of the universe—one of the most restrictive constraints yet measured. RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts that future research will continue to show that the laws of physics governing the universe are indeed constant.

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