Top Ten Patriotic American Actors

Top Ten Patriotic American Actors

If you’re new to my blog, then be forewarned that I love top ten lists. This particular list combines my interest in World War II and American actors whose performances I have enjoyed and appreciated over the years.

I have great respect for those servicemen who, like my father, fought in the bloodiest war in human history—World War II. I also grew up watching far too much TV. For the most part, these actors were TV stars rather than movie stars. But besides being fine actors, all of these men served in World War II, with most seeing front line action. In other words, these men were American patriots before they became famous.

The list below includes their branch of service in the United States Armed Forces during World War II and the TV or movie role that I remember them from best.

In alphabetical order only:

  1. Don Adams (1923–2005), US Marine Corps, Get Smart
  2. Eddie Albert (1906–2005), US Navy, Green Acres
  3. James Arness (1923–2011), US Army, Gunsmoke
  4. Ernest Borgnine (1917–), US Navy, McHale’s Navy
  5. Charles Bronson (1921–2003), US Army Air Corps, The Magnificent Seven
  6. Charles Durning (1923–), US Army, Everybody Loves Raymond
  7. Buddy Ebsen (1908–2003), US Coast Guard, The Beverly Hillbillies
  8. Alan Hale Jr. (1921–1990), US Coast Guard, Gilligan’s Island
  9. Brian Keith (1921–1997), US Marine Corps, Family Affair
  10. Jack Klugman (1922–), US Army, The Odd Couple