April Podcast Highlight

April Podcast Highlight

In addition to Reflections, I also discuss critical thinking, reason, logic, and current issues in light of the historic Christian worldview on my podcast, Straight Thinking, along with my Reasons to Believe (RTB) colleague Dave Rogstad and podcast host Joe Aguirre. In case you missed them, here are some episode highlights from the past several weeks.

Jesus and Judaism: An Interview with Dr. Michael Brown” – Hebrew scholar and prolific author Michael Brown joins us in studio to talk about the nature of modern Judaism and its relationship with Christianity.

Faith and Medicine: An Interview with Physician Perry Santos” –Perry Santos, a friend of RTB, answers questions about the ways in which his Christian worldview influences his medical practice. We also discuss the relationship between our physical bodies––with a great description from his physician’s perspective on the design of our bodies––and spiritual lives, the difficulty of pain and suffering, and Dr. Santos’ own journey of faith and involvement with RTB.

Fear of Religion” – Do some naturalists fear that religion may be true? This is the question we explore on this podcast episode. We talk about the rational and nonrational (though not necessarily irrational) factors that shape the reasons we hold to our worldviews, be they theistic or nontheistic. In particular, we focus on the writing of Thomas Nagel, a distinguished American atheist philosopher and professor of law at New York University.

Why All Religions Can’t Lead to God” – Religious pluralism, the idea that all faiths are equally true, is a popular outlook these days––as demonstrated by the film (and book) Life of Pi. But when examined in light of the major differences between the world religions and sound logic, pluralism falls far short of being a viable perspective. We discuss the pitfalls of this much-admired opinion.

You can also catch me on I Didn’t Know That!, an RTB podcast where the scholars give unscripted answers to listener questions and provide practical apologetics and evangelism tips.