is the television outreach of Reasons to Believe, a viewer-supported ministry where science and faith converge. We aim to follow Christ’s call in Matthew 28:19 to “make disciples of all nations.”Our hope is that you’ll be inspired to step out, with confidence and compassion, to share your faith with someone new today. New episodes air on the Reasons to Believe YouTube channel on Tuesdays, and on NRBTV.org on Mondays at 8:30 PM (ET) | 5:30 PM (PT).

What’s in each episode?
  • Give and Take Examining fascinating scientific ideas that equip you to be more confident in sharing your faith in Christ
  • RTB 101 Answering practical questions to help train you to share your faith with friends and family more effectively
  • Culture Talk Exploring science, faith, and pop culture to show how culturally relevant topics can be used to start conversations about your faith