28:19 Episode 30

Why geek culture matters in sharing faith. What Darwin never knew. Why should Christians care about the Trinity? Is genetic engineering a good thing? Find out how you can receive a copy of the Meet Jeff Zweerink DVD.

Culture Talk: Why Geek Culture Matters in Sharing Faith 1:34
With Sandra Dimas
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/take-two/read/take-two/2012/07/20/connecting-comics-with-faith

Nexus: What Darwin Never Knew 8:23
with Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: https://youtu.be/mw0oVeV26iM?t=451

RTB 101: Why Should Christians Care about the Trinity? 11:32
with Ken Samples
For more on this topic, visit https://reflectionsbyken.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/take-up-and-read-on-the-trinity/.

Give and Take: Is Genetic Engineering a Good Thing? 17:02
with Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/the-cells-design/read/the-cells-design/2018/05/09/a-genetically-engineered-case-for-a-creator

RTB News: Meet Jeff Zweerink DVD 25:30
with Jeff Zweerink
Visit reasons.org/2819 and you can get your copy with a donation of any amount.

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