The Joy of Volunteering

The Joy of Volunteering

Jim Reeverts – RTB Rochester, NY Chapter

If you were to ask me what it’s like to volunteer at an RTB event, I’d say the word “enriching” immediately comes to mind: enriching perspectives and an enriching sense of partnership make for a personally enriching experience.

The first time attending or volunteering may be intimidating—but only for a short time. In my experience, it isn’t too long before someone reveals a similar interest or experience. Then conversation blends into camaraderie, and nervous smiles give way to genuine banter while carrying out a common task. I recently experienced this while volunteering at RTB’s Solar Eclipse Experience. The moment I saw Ken Hultgren, Jeff Zweerink, and Bryan Rohrenbacher, I felt a connection from having worked together before. Our time at the eclipse event built on that foundation. We talked about our families, our common interests, and how to pray for each other. It soon felt like we had never been apart. Meeting Perry, Dan, and several others at this event reinforced my expectation that future RTB events will be as enriching as this one has been.

Volunteering at events like the Solar Eclipse Experience can stimulate and deepen your perspective on the science-faith endeavor. RTB scholars offer fresh integration of new scientific information into their testable creation model. Sometimes their insights about God’s creation can stimulate praise to our Lord. For instance, the evening before the eclipse, Apologetics Community members Dan Bakken and Rick Vargo prepped us for the event, sharing the intricacies of telescope preparation and details about eclipse orbital mechanics. I was not prepared for how the thrill of anticipation welling up within me—and others—would overflow into praise and worship! Comments of adoration for our Lord surged through the group as we looked forward to seeing a total solar eclipse. That wonderful participation in spontaneous worship—based on a deeper appreciation for God’s creation—is just one of many meaningful aspects of RTB events!

For me, the most enriching part of volunteering is what serving does for my soul—a fulfilling sense of being a true part of the body of Christ. In volunteering this time, serving food became a means of grace: for me, for the team, and for the participants. It gave me the chance to embody the Christian grace of hospitality. Believe it or not, cooking eggs and filling juice pitchers cemented an even deeper connection with RTBers; I was coming to appreciate and care about them! It occurred to me that giving in this way enables events like this to thrive; it’s like I got to be part of the team. I became more than a participant, I became a hands-on partner in the mission of RTB.

There are many ways to volunteer at RTB events. When you get the chance—and sense God’s nudge to volunteer—I encourage you to take the opportunity to do so at an RTB event. (Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for more info.) You won’t regret it!