Why We Are So Thankful for YOU

Why We Are So Thankful for YOU

This year’s 30th anniversary celebration has caused us to look back at all God has accomplished through the various aspects of the ministry—from our books to our chapters to our courses and beyond. But 2016 itself has seen many milestones: Our second annual AMP Conference brought apologetics teaching to nearly 700 guests; many new articles, books, DVDs, and podcasts were released; and our scholars spoke around the world, bringing a message of hope to Turkey, Peru, and Australia, and across North America. None of this would have happened without the vitally important help of staff and volunteers. However, the greatest heroes of all have yet to be honored.

That’s YOU who’ve upheld us steadfastly and generously with your prayers and financial support. What you probably don’t realize is how unique you are and how often RTB receives accolades because of you!

When professional analysts take a look at your history, they’re astounded. They see a level of commitment and loyalty that exceeds the norm for nonprofits by far! You have gathered regularly to fast and pray together for the ministry since the earliest days and are still faithfully doing so today. And, many of you who stepped up with the very first financial gifts are still standing with us.

You may not realize how rare it is for a ministry to launch and then survive without the backing of a major charitable foundation. Even those who’ve garnered significant start-up funding often fail to grow and endure. It’s abundantly clear that God has shown his miracle-working power through you. Even skeptics we’ve talked with admit to us that they can think of no earthly explanation for what they see here today.

So thank you for giving us—and the whole world—one more compelling reason for confident faith in the personal, transcendent, loving, and redeeming God of the Bible.