Can You Give One Proof That God Is Real?

Question of the Week: If you could say just one thing to an atheist to show that God is real, what would you say?

My Answer: It depends on the atheist, specifically what kind of atheist I am encountering and why he or she identifies as an atheist. I would first ask the atheist a lot of questions to determine what evidence he or she is most likely to ponder and consider its philosophical implications rather than simply dismiss it out of hand without any investigation.

Often, at least for me, it means presenting two or more particular pieces of scientific evidence from the book of nature to probe and discover what is likely to be the best and most impactful evidence for he or she to consider. Once the atheist accepts that there is trustworthy scientific evidence for the existence of a personal, loving God, I would ask the atheist to carefully examine the historical evidence for the moral perfection of Jesus of Nazareth and his bodily resurrection from the dead.