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Introducing . . . RTB’s Newest Global Partner!

Fazale Rana and David Block record an episode of Stars, Cells, and God during his visit

David Block, an internationally recognized astronomer, a longtime friend of the ministry, an early addition to the Scholar Community and, more recently, a visiting scholar, is taking us to yet another continent.

David and his wife, Liz, have secured nonprofit status to begin operating as our newest global partner in their home country of South Africa. This new operation will be referred to as RTB Africa because David’s outreach and contacts extend throughout Africa and beyond, not just South Africa.

While David and Liz’s goal is to reach university faculty and students, their initial emphasis will be equipping churches to open people to the gospel by revealing God in science. They’ve already assembled a board of five distinguished directors.

“It is with a sense of profound joy that we are launching Reasons to Believe Africa, where a lighthouse of grace and truth can stand firm in this unique sector of our globe,” David said. “We are eager to bring the light of Jesus to the many questioners who are longing for reasons to believe.”

Since beginning official operations in May, RTB Africa has already secured seven speaking engagements, including one with a local chapter of Ratio Christi at a public university. They’re exploring the possibility of forming an association of Christian teachers who focus on life sciences, math, and geography. They’ve also been networking with four possible scholars to assist them in the future, including a nuclear physicist, an engineer, a geophysicist, and a chemistry professor.

RTB already has a global presence in Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. We’re looking forward to what God will do in people’s lives throughout the world as the Holy Spirit continues to guide and grow our international endeavors.