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TNRTB Classic: Testing the Biblical Notion of Unchanging Physics

Earlier this week I wrote about the latest advances astronomers and physicists have made in testing for constant physics, an idea consistent with biblical statements made thousands of years ago. These advances are part of several ongoing research projects to test whether the universe in fact exhibits unchanging physics. Such research also uncovers more evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe and of the physical laws for the specific benefit of humanity. See my book More Than a Theory (particularly pages 79–80), plus the following articles, for a review of the results from these research projects.

Sandage Test Affirms Biblical Creation Model and Constant Laws of Physics” 
Testing the Biblical Claim of Constant Physics
New Evidence for Solar System Design: Fine-Tuning the Late Veneer” 
Dramatically Improved Constraints on Changes in Laws of Physics” 
Better Clocks, Constants Still Constant” 
Comments on the RATE Project