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Perspectives on Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution and RTB’s Testable Creation Model

Addressing and defining various positions within theistic evolution by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, this six-part audio series was recorded in the spring of 2011. In each episode hear Hugh Ross, Fazale Rana, Jeff Zweerink, and Kenneth Samples, along with host Joe Aguirre, discuss the difference between RTB’s testable creation model and theistic evolution. Listen in as RTB scholars explain how theistic evolution may not provide a simple resolution to science-faith controversies.

What is Theistic Evolution?
What are the Strengths of Theistic Evolution?
Difficulties of the Theistic Evolution Position
Common Descent
Young Earth, Old Earth, and Theistic Evolution
RTB’s Testable Creation Model: The Two Books
*This audio series is a featured resource in the May/June 2011 issue of Reasons Newsletter.

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