Great Minds Think Alike, but Evolution Doesn’t

Great Minds Think Alike, but Evolution Doesn’t

Inability to Generate Repeated Evolutionary Outcomes in the Lab Undermines Evolutionary Paradigm

Great minds think alike, so the saying goes. There is some truth to this old adage. When several people focus on solving a problem, they will eventually hit upon the same solution if it really is the best of all possible options.

Due to the nature of the evolutionary process, people expect that biological evolution cannot hit independently upon the same solution multiple times. Yet, contrary to expectations, it appears as if evolution has generated the same outcome repeatedly. And I think this inconsistency between expectations and observations stands as one of the greatest problems for the evolutionary paradigm.

To find out why I think “repeated evolution” is the Achilles’ heel of biological evolution, I refer you to an article I wrote some time ago: “Inability to Repeat the Past Dooms Evolution”.

I’m sorry to say that this link to a past article will have to suffice for my contribution to Today’s New Reason to Believe this week. I am working hard to finish the manuscript for a new book (working title: Life in the Lab). But the article I am directing you to is worth repeating—pun intended.