Westside: A Jesus Church


Join Jeff Zweerink as he speaks at Westside: A Jesus Church for their God and Science Conference.

There is often a perceived conflict between God and science–is there room for both in a coherent and authentic view of the world? We have brought together a scientist, a philosopher, and a theologian to dive into this question. We will be considering some hot topics, as well as some of the big issues and questions. Our aim is to put God and science into healthy conversation, all through the lens of Scripture. This one-day event is an excellent opportunity to dive into this conversation and get equipped to engage people with questions in this area intelligently, confidently, and effectively. It is also an opportunity for us to enjoy exploring our faith together as we spend time with others who are on a similar journey, and to that end we’ll be devoting the last session to a Q&A panel with our speakers . . . so get thinking!

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