Meeting Location:

The King’s Chapel
12925 Braddock Rd.
Clifton, VA 2012

Located in our nation’s capital, the RTB Washington, DC Chapter accesses a crossroads of culture, politics, history, and technology. Home to many major universities and research institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, our region includes the Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs.

Our chapter fosters member involvement through interactive monthly meetings and field trips to National Mall museums. Partnering with like-minded groups, our outreach includes college campus forums and seminars, public conferences, and engaging in dialogue at events like the secular Reason Rally.

Chapter meetings are held at the King’s Chapel in Clifton, VA, the third Friday of the month; specific dates are posted on the calendar each month. Students and skeptics are welcome. Stimulating Q&A discussion on topics relating science, society, and Scripture are the hallmark of our meetings, as are tasty refreshments.