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Nick Tavani


Dr. Nicholas J. Tavani is a practicing family physician living and working in Washington, DC. He is residency trained and certified with the American Board of Family Medicine. Through his 35+ years in primary care medicine, Dr. Tavani has also found satisfaction for a spiritual calling to integrate good science with good faith in Christian service. Dr. Tavani currently serves as president of the Washington, DC Chapter of Reasons to Believe and has hosted several RTB events in the Washington, DC, area beginning in 2008.

Dr. Tavani graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine where he also received both a masters and PhD in biophysics and physiology. He has taught courses at University of Maryland and George Mason University, spoken at seminars and conferences, and participated in medical missions around the world. In 2008, Dr. Tavani organized What Darwin Didn’t Know, a science-faith conference in Washington, DC. Nick has also presented papers at two Faith and Science conferences at Evangel University and initiated apologetics courses for students at his church.

Nick and his wife, Donna, reside in Haymarket, Virginia, and have six sons. Musical talent runs in their family. Dr. Tavani plays the piano for music ministries including the Tavani Family Ensemble (other family members play strings and piano). Nick and his wife were founding board members of the MasterWorks Festival. Nick enjoys hiking and swimming with his family and likes to read outdoors

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